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YORUBA LANGUAGE Mother Tongue Online Club

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Come and spend Saturday mornings with your family and learn to speak the Yoruba Language .

Yoruba / ˈ j ɒr ʊ b ə / (Yor. Èdè Yorùbá) is a language spoken in West Africa, most prominently South western Nigeria.It is spoken by the ethnic Yoruba people.

The number of Yoruba speakers is estimated at between 45 and 55 million. As a pluricentric language, it is primarily spoken in a dialectal area spanning Nigeria, Benin and Togo, with smaller migrated communities in Cote d'Ivoire

Join us on the following dates

YORUBA LANGUAGE (Students & Parents) = Saturdays 10.45am to 11.45am

13th March

20th March

27th March


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