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The Heritage & Culture classes are aimed at Secondary school pupils and their parents.
We encourage the young people and their parents to learn together.

  • Four (4) of the classes will concentrate on Great Black Personalities over the last 4 centuries.

  • Four (4) of the classes will concentrate on Modern Black British History.

The aim is to teach history and the intellectual skills that go with it; comprehension, source analysis, understanding significance, understanding the differences between causes and consequences, and empathy etc.

Students will be required to engage with the material and produce written accounts of all kinds including diary entry, journalistic reports, essay, debate, etc.

What distinguishes the course is not only the powerful and inspirational content but also the use of the intellectual skills that are transferable to all academic subjects.

Ended 8th March 2021 

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Excited Children in Science Class

The Entrepreneurship & Business Online Club

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Aged from 8 to 16


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Mentoring & Wellness Support Online Hub

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Launching 10th March 2021

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Woodside Bereavement Service

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Bereavement & Coping Support for Adults & Children Online Hub

Starting on 25th March 2021

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