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Shake-it-up Shakespeare!

Every Saturday you will be taken through a bunch of activities and games that look at Shakespeare, his slang, where it still shows up and why it’s still relevant today. Each session will take you through a range of activities to help you understand and decipher the Shakespearean tongue; you will look at;

  • Character – meeting a Shakespearean character for the first time and finding out more about them by bringing your imagination and experience to the front

  • Performance – discovering what types of performing creates a scene and a scene into a play. Exploring how we use our bodies and actions to tell a story!

  • Rhythm – learn the rhythms of iambic pentameter and the poetic bars that inspire rappers to this day and had the Elizabethans on the edge of their seats

  • Text – Breaking down old words and finding out what they mean to us, so that we can recreate our own versions and perform them in a way we understand.

Come and just have fun, don’t think too much and try out something new!

Every Saturday from May 20th - July 22nd

14-17 year olds: 3.45 - 5:15

18+: 5.45 - 7:15

In The Maya Angelou Room

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