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A book to celebrate the inspiring legacy of the Windrush pioneers.


In June 1948, hundreds of Caribbean men, women and children arrived in London on a ship called the HMT Empire Windrush. Although there were already Black people living in Britain at the time, this event marks the beginning of modern Black Britain.


Combining historical fact with voices from the Windrush Generation, this book sensitively tells the inspiring story of the Windrush Generation pioneers for younger readers


  • There is a lack of Black British history in the curriculum, parents and guardians are looking for resources to educate their children

    • Previously self-published edition listed as #1 Best Seller on Amazon UK

    • The Windrush Generation has become a wider symbol of today's multicultural Britain

    • Publishing during Black History Month

    • Full-colour illustrations

  • Born in London, England in 1968 to parents from Barbados, Kandace Chimbiri is the author of Black history books for children.

    Motivated by a desire to help improve both children's literacy as well as their knowledge of history, Kandace founded her small publishing house Golden Destiny Ltd in 2009. Golden Destiny specialises in non-fiction titles for children, in particular Black history before mass enslavement.

    She is now an author of Scholastic Children’s Books where she will be republishing her brilliant titles in an all-new look and format

    The Story of the Windrush is available at…. 

    Croydon Supplementary

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