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Black British History for Secondary Age Pupils and their Parents

The course concentrates on Black British achievements since the Windrush Era. It covers Black people in the history of the NHS, Black British intellectuals, Black success in the world of fine art and textiles, and Black achievements in British politics.

We aim to recruit 100 families to the course.

The classes are structured using the standards laid down by the British National Curriculum.

* Robin Walker will teach for half of the class

* Young people will participate

* Young people and adults will work through the educational tasks to produce written results

* The class ends with a Summary or Plenary

The 4 classes have the following content:

* What jobs did Black migrants do following the Windrush Era?

* Black Britons Entering the Mainstream – Intellectuals

* Black Britons Entering the Mainstream – Art and Textiles

* Black Britons Entering the Mainstream – Politics

Each class is delivered on Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

They are delivered remotely by internet using the Teams app. You must download this app from the internet to join the course.

The Course starts on 8 February 2021.

You MUST register for the programme. Since the programme is supported by the London Community Response Fund, there are NO FEES PAYABLE from the Young people and adults to join.

This course is NOT suitable for children below the age of 11.

Want to attend email

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